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At your service!

Designed for developers.
Built for business.

IaaS suited to your exact needs.
We provide high quality machines, maximal uptime, local support and the best customer service possible.

Shared Hosting

The cheapest solution for running all your services. This is what most other providers use. You share your CPU and memory with other users on the same platform.

Private Hosting

You get to use all of your compute power whenever you like. No more longer wait times during busy hours or big shared hosting users taking up a chunk of bandwidth. You get your own VPS to use for whatever you like.

Cheap Domain Registration

Every good website needs a good domain name.
Not sure about which one you want yet? Our low prices make registering multiple domains cheap!

Maximum Uptime

By combining the use of new tech, renowed providers, proper redundancy and the best Tier3+ datacenters, we guarantee a 99,99% uptime on our cluster!

Fast Network

A fast network with high bandwidth can be the bread and butter of a lot of systems. We guarantee the fastest and most stable network.

Backup as a Service

Our multi-datacenter backups will never let you down! Losing important data is made impossible by providing short- and longterm backup solutions.

Managed Services

Do you want all of your services to just work? Do you not have time nor needed expertise to manage your own server?
We got your back! Our experts will fully manage your server for you.

State of the Art DDoS Protection

Our constantly updated State of the Art DDoS protection will make sure you will never go offline.
We'll make sure to recognise and block a possible attack before it even reaches you!